Purpose: IGAN as an information platform and forum

IGAN website as an information platform

The thematic pages on IGAN's homepage are an information platform, from which all visitors can acquire basic knowledge about acoustic neuroma brain tumours under the motto of «Helping you to help yourself».

This is the first recommended step! At first the person affected profits only themselves, if he/she (still) remains passive in the community, however he/she also creates the conditions at the same time, to be able to take a second step actively in the exchange of experiences with others.

The Forum Acoustic Neuroma as a platform for exchange of experiences and contacts

With the forum (only available in German language), IGAN offers a platform for exchange of experience on all aspects of the brain tumor acoustic neuroma and in a quasi unlimited form. True to the principles of a community of interest, however, the focus is clearly on the publicly conducted dialogues of those seeking advice and those affected.

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