Causes of acoustic neuroma

There are many thoughts, theories and speculations about what causes acoustic neuromas. In order not to feed any speculations here, we have foregone all explanations. The fact is that to date there is no scientific proof as to why cells suddenly grow uncontrollably, specifically in that place, and why they grow either quickly or slowly. Today it is taken as certain, however, that an acoustic neuroma does not form any metastases and that it is not hereditary!

Here are few remarks on «Recklinghausen disease» which are pertinent: This disease, also called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2), is genetic, however it is not necessary passed from every generation to the next. With this disease, tumours form on the nerve tissue at different places in the body, particularly the spinal cord and in the skull. These tumours can remain relatively harmless, but can also lead to severe damage. If an NF2 patient has a tumour in the auditory or balance nerve, then mostly it happens on both sides. Whether someone has this disease or not can be determined through a genetic test. Chromosome 22 is looked for through a blood test. The so-called Merlin gene is responsible for NF2.

No knowledge about the cause, no prevention

As the causes of occurrence are unknown, there is also no prophylaxis. As with all diseases, it also applies to acoustic neuroma brain tumours that a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for strengthening the body's defences, the immune system, and reducing the general risk of illness. However, the onset of the disease cannot be prevented this way. Along with a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and good mental health all contribute. A strong immune system is also important for the rehabilitation phase after any illness.

The facts that the causes of the occurrence of acoustic neuroma are (still) unknown, and that consequently there is (still) no prophylaxis, needs to be accepted by those affected and their relatives. This way time and energy can be spared that would be wasted in the idle search for a miracle cure.

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