Therapy & treatment of acoustic neuroma: the path to deciding on treatment

Nowadays, an acoustic neuroma brain tumour can be successfully treated. This has become possible through enormous advances in medical technology over the last few decades, and also through the development of specialists in the field of acoustic neuroma treatment.

Successful treatment means the complete and definitive (or at least long-lasting) removal of the tumour, preserving the hearing function and preventing permanent facial paralysis, and therefore preserving the quality of life to a great extent.

Given that this can be achieved in different ways, there is sadly still a certain «cliquish thinking» amongst specialists, and as a consequence also amongst patients. The personal way chosen for certain reasons is often indicated as the main way, or even as the only way, that guarantees success. Unfortunately, the respective situation and constellation of the patient are not always included and evaluated impartially. Often, it is not considered that certain elements and treatments develop. Those with acoustic neuromas are the victims of this situation.

Therefore, this website seeks to briefly describe the possible treatments from an unbiased standpoint, to give those seeking advice some initial information to help them to make a decision regarding treatment. Gathering further, extensive information afterwards is still necessary. However, with regards to that the IGAN platform offers possibilities.

For treatment, it is crucial to find a doctor who is competent in the subject of acoustic neuroma and who you trust completely. You must have absolute confidence in this doctor in all matters before, during and after the treatment, so that at no point doubts from external sources or those you might have yourself weaken your psyche and your immune system. IGAN would also like and is able to help particularly with this step, which is of such importance – to find the right doctor in the right clinic – by passing on experiences and linking contacts. However, the last step must be taken by the patient alone: well prepared with his/her medical history and with all the medical documents, to talk to doctors, to ask everything, what inspires him/her and what he/she would like to know, and then decide to put your trust in one doctor. The «chemistry has to be there»!


Growth arrest of an acoustic neuroma by genetic modification of the tumor tissue


Removal of the acoustic neuroma as completely as possible through surgery

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