About the project: A platform for exchanging information and experiences

The IGAN interest group was founded on July 26th, 2007 by Guido Fluri, an entrepreneur in Cham / Switzerland.

Acoustic neuroma sufferers, their relatives, medical specialists... in short, everyone who is interested in the topic of acoustic neuroma, is offered a platform for exchanging information and experiences related to the acoustic neuroma brain tumor.

On this platform, passive users can find out more about the tumor, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options and rehabilitation, with unrestricted access to all the various topic pages. They are also able to view all posts in the forum without any restrictions.

Active forum members can ask each other questions in the acoustic neuroma forum as well as answer, support and encourage each other, and also communicate on a one-to-one basis.

The aim of the organization is also to improve the understanding of acoustic neuroma disease among doctors as well as in medical and social institutions through a variety of educational and public measures. IGAN supports research into the diagnosis and therapy of the acoustic neuroma brain tumor.

Acoustic neuroma sufferers can use the information on the topic pages of the website and the acoustic neuroma forum to help them make their treatment decision, and choose the right doctor and clinic for them. Experiences shared by forum members can also assist in the choice of specialists.

IGAN has no full-time staff. The volunteers and workers for the cause are based in Switzerland and in Germany (website/Internet work). The Guido Fluri Foundation funds the administrative work as well as contributing to research projects with the clinics involved as a purely philanthropic commitment. All activities and services are carried out without the influence of the medical profession, the pharma­ceutical industry, or of authorities and associations.

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